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COVID-19 Parking Impacts

Enforcement Changes

The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works has suspended all timed, metered and night parking restrictions to accommodate residents who are home due to COVID-19. Vehicles will not be required to alternate side park or have night parking permits.

Vehicles must abide by all other parking regulations, including posted “NO PARKING” signs. Parking Enforcement will focus on safety-related violations including unauthorized parking in a handicapped space, obstructing traffic/bicycle/streetcar lanes, and parking too close to an alley/driveway/fire hydrant/crosswalk.

Additionally, No Parking in a Loading Zone (including Carryout Zones) WILL BE actively enforced. Per Wisconsin statute, a vehicle must be attended while actively loading/unloading so that it may promptly be moved in case of an emergency or to avoid obstruction of traffic.

Violations Bureaus are closed 

Our in-person payment centers on Teutonia, James Lovell, and Chase are closed to walk-in service. Customers should use other methods of payment or call us at (414) 344-0840 if they cannot pay with a mailed check, online, or by phone.

Temporary Overnight Parking Permission

You are requesting permission to park in a legal manner in the City of Milwaukee between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Vehicles with permission must follow the parking regulations for the street on which the vehicle will be parked, including alternate side parking where required. Night parking permission is a courtesy offered by the City of Milwaukee to residents and visitors with short term overnight parking needs to park on the street without purchasing a night parking permit.

Vehicles must:

  • Be legally parked
  • Display valid license plates
  • Have less than 2 citations unpaid for longer than 30 days.  Make a citation payment.

Permission will not be granted more than 3 nights in a 30 day period

To request night parking permission over the phone or for up to 30 day street or alley construction projects permission requests, call 414-286-8300. The address where the vehicle is parked and the license plate number are required when calling for permission.

Please complete all data fields and press the Confirm button. A confirmation number will only be provided if all fields are completed.

Even though you may have been granted night parking permission, if your vehicle is ineligible or if your vehicle is illegally parked you will be subject to a night parking violation. Learn more about Night Parking Permits.