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Off-street Parking at MPS Schools

MPS has agreed to make the following locations available for parking during Snow Emergencies
from 7:00 P.M. - 7:00 A.M.

Cass Street Playground 1620 N Cass Street
Fratney Street School 3255 N Fratney Street
Milwaukee Parkside School 2969 S Howell Ave.
Lincoln Ave School 1817 W Lincoln Ave.
Longfellow School (Parking Lot Only) 1021 S 21st Street
Maryland Avenue School 2418 N Maryland Ave.
Riverwest Elementary School 2765 N Fratney Street

City-owned lots are also available for parking during a DPW Snow Emergency with a night parking permit.  Vehicles must be parked in compliance with all posted signs at city-owned lots.

2530 E. Park Place
900 E. Locust
1414 S. Comstock Ave
716 W. Windlake St
930 W. Maple St
1002 W. Maple St
1200 W. Maple St
1640 S. 10th St
1650 S. 12th St
1650 S. 13th St

Full list of City-owned lots