Employee Resource Group 

An Employee Resource Group (ERG) is an employee group that has been formally recognized by the City and shares a common background, focus area, and set of interests and/or goals that foster an environment of inclusion.  The City encourages the formation of ERGs to foster diversity, encourage the sharing of information, recognize achievements, and interaction between employees on an informal basis.

Any city of Milwaukee employee can form and/or be a member of an ERG. An ERG is established following an application and approval process conducted by the Department of Employee Relations. Managers and supervisors have a responsibility to encourage and support participation in ERGs. We encourage you to consider joining one of the existing ERGs below, or consider starting one of your own.

Link to the ERG policy and application.

For questions, or to start an ERG, contact the Human Resources Compliance Officer at (414) 286-6210.


Established ERGs

AvanzandoAvanzando MKE

Avanzando MKE promotes the advancement of the Hispanic/Latinx community working at the City of Milwaukee by providing personal and professional development opportunities that attract, engage, and retain employees. Avanzando MKE seeks to foster awareness, understanding, and inclusion of Hispanic/Latinx heritage within City services.

[email protected]





Black African American (BAA)

Our mission is to ensure that the City of Milwaukee cultivates an atmosphere in which BAA employees are valued, respected, supported, and encouraged to better serve the BAA Milwaukee population as seen through an increase in BAA employee recruitment, retention, and engagement in City of Milwaukee initiatives. 

[email protected]




Career Development (CDERG)

Connecting employees throughout city departments around talent development, retention, training, and organizational equity. This group strives to provide opportunities for increased connection and collaboration of career-minded public servants across departments to provide greater access to professional development, networking, and mentorship opportunities. Sign up to be a member.

Stacy Sommerville, [email protected], (414) 935-8784





Community Service ERG

Helping our community, the City of Milwaukee and our commitment to serve by volunteering our time to local organizations. The group will also help further the City of Milwaukee brand while acting as volunteer ambassadors, and promoting civil service.

Joseph Kaltenberg, [email protected], (414) 286-8532


The Hive

The Hive seeks to make the City of Milwaukee a safe and thriving workplace and city for LGBTQ+ employees, families, and allies, through recruitment, retention, and support of the LGBTQ+ community in City employment and services.

[email protected]


Military Service 

Fostering a culture of inclusion in our workplaces that builds a friendly community, that creates awareness of issues that impact our veteran community, and that honorably represents veterans and their allies as an impactful group in the City of Milwaukee workforce. In doing so, we and our allies advocate for the fair and equitable conduct of employees in City workplaces. We do so to embody the values of the United States Military and in solidarity with other City of Milwaukee ERGs as we aim to eliminate biases of any kind.

If you are interested in supporting or becoming involved with the Military Service Employee Resource Group, please contact the Human Resources Compliance Officer at (414) 286-6210.

ERG Events Calendar

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