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Sediment Basin 



Code References

  • "For sites with more than 5 acres disturbed at one time, or if a channel originates in the disturbed area, one or more sedimentation basins shall be constructed." (Reference: Section 290-7.2.e-4 of the City Code of Ordinances).
  • "The basin discharge rate shall also be sufficiently low as to not cause erosion along the discharge channel or the receiving water." (Reference: Section 290-7.2.e-4 of the City Code of Ordinances).

Quick Tips

  • Sediment basins shall be inspected weekly at minimum and within 24 hours after a precipitation event of 0.5 inches or greater.
  • Sediment deposits shall be properly disposed of as needed to maintain a minimum three foot depth in the treatment surface area of the basin.
  • Sediment basins shall be constructed prior to the disturbance of up slope areas and placed where runoff from disturbed areas can be diverted during all phases of construction.
  • Earthen embankments constructed as parts of sediment basins shall be designed and constructed to address seepage and saturation.  Please refer to WDNR Technical Standard 1064 (Sediment Basin) for specific embankment design criteria.
  • Sediment basin inlets shall be designed and constructed to prevent scour during peak flows.
  • Sediment basins shall be located with consideration given to access for sediment clean out.
  • In order to reduce earthmoving costs, sediment basins may be utilized as permanent wet detention basins to address post-construction storm water quality requirements.  At the end of the construction phase, all deposits must be removed from the sediment basin in order for it to be accepted as a wet detention basin. 

Applicable Standard

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