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What Can I Do to Prevent Storm Water Pollution?

Don't Litter –Put litter in a trash can and recycle when possible.
Clean up Pet Waste – Pick it up, double bag it, and put it in the garbage.
Properly Manage Yard Waste – Grass clippings, leaves, garden debris, and other yard waste should be reused as mulch or put in a compost pile. Throughout the year, these materials can also be taken to the City's Self-Help Centers , located 6660 North Industrial Road and 3879 West Lincoln Avenue , for proper management. Between mid-October and mid-November, leaves and garden debris can be placed along the curb for City pick-up. If you have questions about specific yard waste items, please contact the City Call Center at (414) 286-2489 (CITY).
Properly Use Fertilizers and Other Lawn Chemicals – Apply fertilizers and other lawn chemicals in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations or use a natural alternative. For more information, please review the lawn care guidance provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Horticulture Department.
Minimize Salt Use – During winter months, use salt and other de-icing materials sparingly on sidewalks and driveways.
Keep Car Washwater Out of the Storm Sewers – Wash your car in a location where the water will soak into grass or take it to a commercial facility for washing.
Recycle Waste Motor Oil & Used Antifreeze – Deliver waste motor oil and used antifreeze to the City's Self-Help Centers for proper recycling.
Properly Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste – Pesticides, paints, solvents, and other chemicals should be taken to sites arranged by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District through their Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program.
Watch For "Dirty" Construction Sites – Make sure construction sites in your neighborhood are keeping their dirt out of the storm drains. If you see a lot of mud or dirty water flowing from a construction site into a storm drain, please contact the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Hotline at 414-286-8162 or use the reporting form on this web site.
Install a Rain Garden or Rain Barrel – See publications by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, for more information on rain gardens and publications by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, for more information on rain barrels.


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