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Erosion Control

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and check below for information for reviewers & inspectors and contractors, basic and advanced control measures and more.

Contractors working in the City of Milwaukee are responsible for controlling erosion and sediment onsite to prevent sediment pollution. Construction activities can lead to erosion; where possible erosion should be mitigated and where impractical eroded sediment must be managed and contained. Construction activities that disturb 5,000 square feet or more of land are required to apply for an Erosion Control Permit in the City of Milwaukee. It is the responsibility of the contractor to properly maintain erosion and sediment control devices that will prevent pollutants from leaving the site. In addition to a fine, sites with failing or missing erosion and sediment control mechanisms can negatively impact our community. Sediment pollution can lead to water conditions that are unsafe for swimming and fishing, localized flooding, harm to wildlife, and other issues that negatively affect our community’s health and quality of life. To learn more about erosion and sediment control, please visit the Respect Our Waters webpage.

Sequence of Sediment Control

Sediment Pollution Sequence


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Information for Contractors

Use the links and information below as a guide to obtaining an erosion control permit for the type of work you are performing.

Basic Control Measures

Use the links below for information on various Basic Control Measures

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