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Stormwater Management Plan Recertification

After a stormwater management plan (SWMP) is approved, a written recertification must be submitted every five (5) years and shall be prepared by a Professional Engineer. This recertification verifies that the drainage facility is operating as originally designed and is being actively maintained as outlined in the SWMP and WDNR Post-Construction Technical Standards.

The completed SWMP Recertification Submittal includes the following:

  1. SWMP Recertification Checklist 
  2. SWMP Recertification Application
  3. Structural BMP Field Inspection Form
  4. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Field Screening Form
  5. Professional Engineer Certification Statement
  6. Updated Letter of Financial Guarantee 


A SWMP recertification shall be submitted every five (5) years from the SWMP approval date or previous recertification, whichever applies.

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