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August 14, 2019 - 10:05 am - Map Milwaukee Portal technical difficulties have been resolved. Please email any questions or concerns to,   


Map Milwaukee Applications

Map Milwaukee is no longer a single application, but is a suite of applications with targeted data and functionality.  Users still have the ability to add any available map layer to any of the map applications using the Add Map Layer tool*.  Users also have access to advanced tools including querying data, drawing, measuring distance and areas, and exporting data to a spreadsheet*.  Our goal is to provide map applications that provide useful data and are easy to use, while also providing advanced functionality for experienced or curious users.

*NEW - We now offer our map applications via two viewers. We now have an HTML5 viewer, which can be used by ANY desktop or mobile device and can be accessed by nearly any browser; NO plug-in necessary. Our older, Silverlight Viewer applications are still available, yet only accessible via desktop computer and requires the Silverlight plug-in, which then can only be utilized by Internet Explorer.

**NEW - A new map application, Land Management Districts, has been created to be used by both citizens and internal users, so that they can visualize district boundaries, as well as know which inspection district is assigned to a particular property

NOTICE - Silverlight applications are no longer available.  Please use the HTML applications.

* Link to PDF tip sheets with instructions.

Important notice for all Map Milwaukee users.

Application Gallery


Property Information

Reference maps with property boundaries and detailed property attribute data from MPROP.  Use this application as your starting point for learning the new Map Milwaukee applications, or as a foundation to add map services as layers.

Census 2010

Thematic census tract maps representing Census 2010 data.  Additional statistics available in the attribute data (just click on a tract).

Green Infrastructure Planning

Maps to support the City of Milwaukee Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO) with planning and compliance with MMSD's Regional Green Infrastructure Plan
April, 2015 - New layers: MCAMLIS planimetric features.

Strong Neighborhoods Plan

Maps and data from numerous City of Milwaukee departments to support the work of Mayor Barrett's Strong Neighborhoods Plan and share this information with community stakeholders and the public.  Maps include information about foreclosures, pending demolitions, city-owned real estate, and more.
Map Milwaukee: Zoning  


City of Milwaukee zoning and zoning overlay maps.  Attribute data includes hyperlinks to legislative documentation, where available.  For more information about the City of Milwaukee's zoning, refer to the Department of City Development's web page on Zoning Applications and Procedures.

**NEW Land Management Districts

DNS and DPW management districts to be used by both citizens and internal users, so that they can visualize district boundaries, as well as locate inspection districts based on a particular property.


Software Requirement

New Map Milwaukee applications require the Silverlight plug-in for your browser.  If you do not already have Silverlight, you will be prompted to install it when you start the new Map Milwaukee application.  Or, you can verify and install/upgrade Silverlight on your system before launching a new Map Milwaukee application.

Known Bug in Windows 8

February, 2015: We have recently discovered that when adding map services as layers to Map Milwaukee applications on a Windows 8 device, Silverlight will crash.  This a known bug that currently does not have a solution.  We will be keeping track of this situation in anticipation of a solution.  Over the next year, we also have upgrades planned that should take Silverlight out of the equation.

Looking for more maps?

Need a map layer not automatically available in one of the applications?  You have the option of adding map layers from any Map Milwaukee Services (or the internet, for that matter).  Here are some documents to help you out:

Tips and Tricks

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PDF Tip Sheets for Map Applications

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