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Map Application Tip Sheets

We have developed a number of tip sheets to help users leverage the capabailities of the Map Milwaukee applications.  The tip sheets target one topic or task, and can be used to walk you through something for the first time, or as a quick reference when remembering how something works.  We have categorized the tip sheets into three skill levels.  All tip sheets are in PDF format.




The Basics

  • Map navigation.
  • Base maps and map themes.
  • Map pop-up information - feature details.
  • Hints for going further.
  • Updated: July, 2014

How to Add Map Services as a Layer

  • Are you looking for a map that is not included in the Map Milwaukee application you are using?  Follow these instructions on how to add other maps from the City of Milwaukee.
  • Updated: April, 2015

How to Export Property Data to a Spreadsheet

  • Using Map Milwaukee: Property Information, view property data and export it as a CSV file, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel.
  • Updated: May, 2014

The Map Layers Panel (and Legend)

  • How to find the map layers panel (a/k/a layer list).
  • Control map layer visibility and transparency.
  • Base maps, map themes, and operational layers.
  • View the map legend.
  • Updated: April, 2015

How to Individually Add or Removed Features to the Selected List

  • How to add (or remove) features from you selection list by clicking on idividual map features.
  • Update: May, 2015




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