Project Summary

Plankinton Avenue (Wisconsin Avenue to Wells Street)

The project involves underground utility work (sewer and water main replacement) as well as street construction.  The segment of the sewer main that has been replaced dated from 1875.  The majority of the water main being replaced dates from 1932.

 The water  main work involves installing the water main piping, making various large branch service connections to buildings, completing pressure tests of the mains and water sample tests.  After the sewer and water work is completed, street construction will commence.

The street construction includes removal of the track zone (the tracks, timber and concrete from an old trolley line), replacement of curb and gutter, driveway approaches and some sidewalks; and reconstruction of the roadway within existing widths with concrete pavement.

The water main work is expected to take until the end of May, 2011. The street and sidewalk construction is scheduled to begin shortly thereafter and be completed by late August 2011.  

Project Update - October 23, 2011 

The reconstruction of Plankinton Avenue between Wisconsin Avenue and Wells Street is complete.  The track zone from the old trolley line has been removed.  The sewer main from 1875 has been replaced.  The water main from 1932 has bee replaced.  The contractor completed replacement of curb and gutter, driveway approaches, sidewalks, and the roadway in mid September.  City crews completed the project by reinstalling the streetlights.  The street is fully open to traffic.


Plankinton Avenue looking north



Plankinton Avenue at night facing south 



 Plankinton Avenue during construction (6/19/11)



Plankinton Avenue before construction (1/23/11)


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