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Step By Step Guide

For participating in Fair Share PILOT program

  1. The Fair Share program is for tax exempt properties. If the property is not exempt, property tax exemption needs to be applied for, and granted by Assessor’s Office prior to participation in the Fair Share Program. Property Tax Exemption applications are available from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue
  2. Prior to applying, property owners should review the Fair Share Program description and the Sample Fair Share PILOT Agreement available on the city web site to gain an understanding of the program.
  3. Owner contacts the Chief Assessor with any questions regarding the annual amount payable to the city
  4. Owner completes the application and emails to the Chief Assessor or mails to City Hall, Room 507, 200 East Wells Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202
  5. Chief Assessor calculates payments for first year and for future years
  6. Chief Assessor confirms payment schedule with representative of tax exempt organization
  7. Chief Assessor routes completed agreement to City Attorney for review and signature
  8. City Attorney reviews and then signs completed agreement and routes to City Clerk for signature
  9. City Clerk signs completed agreement and routes to City Comptroller for signature
  10. Representative from City Comptroller’s office will make sure agreement is placed on list of PILOTS and a general accounts receivable invoice will be created.
  11. City Comptroller signs completed agreement and routes to Mayor’s office
  12. Mayor signs and then sends agreement back to Chief Assessor
  13. Chief Assessor
    a) updates assessment records to designate the existence of the new agreement
    b) creates digital copy of agreement and saves agreement to shared folder
    c) notifies other city departments that agreement has been finalized including
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