The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works and Department of Transportation are planning to replace West Walnut Street from North 20th Street to North 12th Street (.6 miles). The scope of work includes removing and replacing deteriorated pavement, curb & gutter, driveway approaches and sidewalk, where necessary. Pedestrian curb ramps will be built to meet ADA compliance. Drainage structures, such as storm sewer inlets and lateral pipes, will be replaced. The traffic signals at 20th St., 17th St., and 12th St., and street lights will be upgraded. Enhancements to pedestrian and bike accommodations, traffic calming measures and storm water management facilities are being considered. Safety improvements are a top priority as the crash rate on Walnut Street is greater than the statewide average on similar roadway types. Two crashes involving pedestrians have occured over the past 5 years. 


  • Upgrade pavement conditions
  • Better organize all modes of traffic
  • Manage driving speeds
  • Improve visibility for all users
  • Make travel safe and comfortable for everyone


The awarded contract was $8.1 million dollars. Approximate breakdown: 

  • 80% cost covered by Federal aid
  • 20% cost covered by the City
  • West Walnut Street is classified as a minor arterial
  • Average Daily Traffic Count: 13,400 vehicles
  • Posted speed: 30 mph


The City of Milwaukee, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), is preparing to begin the West Walnut Street reconstruction project. The following work is scheduled to take place as part of this project.

Beginning March 20, 2023:

  • Eastbound traffic on West Walnut Street, between North 21st Street and North 10th Street, is scheduled to be shifted north onto the current westbound lanes until mid-summer, while crews works to reconstruct the roadway. One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained. 
  • Westbound traffic will then be shifted from mid-summer until the road opens by December 2023.
  • Side streets, south of W. Walnut Street, are scheduled to close to through traffic during this stage of construction. 
  • Bi-directional traffic will be maintained on North 20th Street, North 17th Street, and West Fond du Lac Avenue.
  • Northbound North 12th Street, between West Fond du Lac Avenue and West Walnut Street, is scheduled to close to traffic during this stage of construction. 
  • 12th Street Detour:
  • Motorists are encouraged to use West Highland Avenue, North 6th Street, and West Walnut Street to get around the closure. 

Access to businesses and residences will be maintained throughout construction. 

Construction is scheduled to begin March 20, 2023. The majority of the work including roadway and sidewalk will be completed in late 2023 with streetlighting and tree plantings completed the following year.  


Currently, West Walnut Street has two driving lanes, parking and a bike lane in each direction, divided by a median. The final design proposal shows 2 lane divided roadway with off-street bikeways. We developed this design plan using the feedback and input we received from residents and the community from the 1st Public Involvement Meeting held in October 2020 and comments submitted to the project team. Overall, there was public support to narrow the roadway, add traffic calming measures, and in favor of the off-street bike paths. 

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Curb bump-outs are being added to 5 intersections:

  • North 19th Street 
  • North 18th Street
  • North 16th Street
  • North 15th Street
  • Northwest corner of North 12th Street

Raised pedestrian crossings will be built on the side streets of 4 intersections:

  • North 19th Street
  • North 18th Street
  • North 16th Street
  • North 15th Street

New Traffic Signals:

  • North 20th Street
  • North 17th Street
  • Modification at Fond Du Lac Avenue
  • North 12th Street


1. West Walnut Street from North 20th Street to North 14th Street

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  • 5 to 7-ft sidewalk on both sides*
  • 9 to 10-ft terrace between sidewalk and bike path on both sides*
  • 6.5-ft off street bike path on both sides
  • 8.5-ft terrace between bike path and curb on both sides
  • 7-ft parking lane on both sides
  • One 11-ft driving lane in each direction
  • 26-ft wide median

*Width varies throughout the segment

2. West Walnut Street from North 14th Street to North 12th Street 

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  • 5-ft sidewalk on both sides
  • 2 to 11-ft terrace between sidewalk and bike path on both sides*
  • 6.5-ft off street bike path on both sides
  • 4.5-ft terrace between bike path and curb on both sides
  • 11-ft westbound turning lane 
  • 10-ft eastbound turning lane
  • Two 11-ft driving lanes in each direction
  • 22 to 26-ft wide median*

*Width varies throughout the segment


The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works holds public involvement meetings to receive input and share project details with residents and businesses located in the project area. 

Pre-Construction Meeting - Early Spring 2023
Purpose: Outline construction schedule, staging details, and address concerns of expected impacts


Public Involvement Meeting #2 - August 17, 2021 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Open House Meeting at House of Peace, 1702 West Walnut Street
*Face masks are required

Purpose: Present the preferred final design options based on initial community feedback

We want you to tell us: How does the proposed design work for you? Does the proposed design capture what the community wants? Are we missing anything?

In case you are unable to attend the meeting, an overview and exhibits are below to review:

Virtual Public Involvement Meeting #1 – October 29, 2020 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
The purpose of the 1st public meeting is to introduce the project, show feasible design options and gather community experience.We want you to tell us: How do you get around your neighborhood and where are you going? What problems do you see and experience, while walking, driving, or riding a bike? What do you like about the current street? What dont you like about it? Where is it difficult or dangerous to cross the street? What do you want to see on Walnut Street?




Alyssa Tapia, Public Involvement 
[email protected]

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