Project Summary

JUNEAU AVENUE BRIDGE (Over the Milwaukee River)

On November 19, the all-new Juneau Avenue bridge was opened to traffic!

The bridge reconstruction included removal of the entire existing bridge structure, piers, abutments, machinery, and bridge house. The new design is a vertical lift similar to the Knapp Street bridge to the north and other downtown bridges. Other design features include new railings, walkways, a closed bridge deck, new system controls, mechanics, and lighting. The bridge house has also been relocated to the northeast corner.  New roadway and sidewalks approaches to and from N. Edison and N. Old World Third streets were also constructed.  Details of the work and work progress are below.      

The new Juneau Avenue bridge awaits traffic   More area is available for boat traffic beneath the bridge because of the new vertical lift bridge design  


Project Summary

Reconstruction of the Juneau Avenue bridge began on August 1, 2011, and is scheduled to be completed by November 16, 2012.  The bridge will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and open to navigational traffic on the river throughout construction. "Reconstruction" means removing the current bridge and constructing a new bridge. The existing 10 foot thick pier foundation and pilings will not be removed. Everything else will be removed and replaced with the exception of the abutment retaining walls which will remain and be stained. 

Major intersections on Juneau--Water, Edison and Old World Third Street--will remain open. Sidewalks will remain open to businesses and condos, including the one leading to the ramp to The Harp's patio. Signs have been placed on the Riverwalks along the west side of the river near the bridge indicating that the Riverwalk is closed at Juneau but is open to the sidewalk. "Open for business" signs have been placed at Water Street and Old World Third Street (see one of the signs below).


Project Update:  May 10, 2012
The reconstruction of the Juneau Avenue Bridge is proceeding on schedule. The bridge is expected to open to traffic on or before November 16 as previously announced.
Most of the demolition work has been completed. The new East pier is approximately 75% complete; the new West pier is about 50% complete. Work has begun on the east and west abutments. When the piers and abutments are completed, work will begin on the main span. The sidewalk and curb and gutter adjacent to The Harp have been replaced. The structural concrete for the bridge house is about 90% complete. 




 MEDIA RELEASE:  Monday, July 25, 2011



Liaison's name: Jenann Olsen
Phone: 414.271.6908 | Email: [email protected] 

For further information or if you would like to be added to this project’s email list, please send an email to the above liaison.




 West pier work underway (5/10/12)




Progress on east and west piers (5/10/12)





Juenau Avenue Bridge after demolition (10/9/11) 


   Bridge work is underway (8/4/11)


                    Signs have been placed to support local businesses (8/4/11) 


Juneau Avenue Bridge before construction (1/1/11)




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