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Permit Application Instructions


  1. Prepare a site plan that includes the following:
    1. Length and width of the space to be occupied by seating.
    2. Street names and north arrow.
    3. Depiction of the entire sidewalk area adjacent to the parklet area from the building to the curb.
    4. Depicts all existing facilities in the sidewalk area and street adjacent to the parklet area, such as light poles, fire hydrants, catch basins, street signs, bicycle racks, or street trees.
    5. Layout of tables and chairs with dimensions that include the size of the tables and the distance between seating groups. (Note:  plans should provide 18 inches of space for each chair at a table.  For example, a 30-inch table with a chair on either side would result in a seating group that equals 66 inches or 5 feet 6 inches long.
    6. Depict the dimension between seating groups. Note:  the plan must provide for 6 feet between seating groups (back of chair to back of chair) for social distancing.
    7. Depicts all sidewalk café seating that will also be present along with spacing between sidewalk café seating groups and seating groups within a parklet area.
  2. Complete the License Division Temporary Change of Plan Permit Information form found at You must save the completed form electronically so that it can be uploaded to the record.
  3. If you have parking meters in the location of your proposed parklet space, please obtain the numbers for those meters. You will need the meter numbers available when you apply for the permit. 
  4. Visit: and, if you do not have one, create an account.
  5. Once you have an account and have logged in, click on the Public Works tab at the top of the page, then click on Create an Application.
  6. Read the instructions and disclaimer on this opening page.  Once you have read the information on this page, please click the box next to “I have read and accepted the above terms” and click on Continue Application.
  7. Under Select a Record Type please select Outside Dining Occupancy and click on Continue Application.
  8. For Step 1: Address, only type in the street number, direction, and street name of the establishment where the dining area will be located. Leave other fields blank. Click the Search button. Choose one of the options that the system provides and click the Select button. Once an address is selected, the permit system will fill in the Address, Parcel, and Owner Sections. Click Continue Application to continue.
  9. For Step 2: Contacts you can either click on Select from Account or Add New for each type of contact Applicant, Project Manager or Supervisor, and Field Contact. Please note that the Applicant and Field Contact types are required.  Once contacts are a filled in, click Continue Application.
  10. For Step 3: Detail Data fill in the name of the establishment in Application Name box.  Then, under ASI Reason for Occupancy, choose an option from the drop down menu; under ASI Parking Meters, click yes if parking meters are present in the parklet location or no, if there are no parking meters; and under ASI How Area Will Be Blocked Off, choose an option under the pull down menu for the type of Barrier to be placed around the seating area. Click Continue Application.
  11. For Step 4: Attachments upload the plan you prepared under #1 above and the Temporary Change of Plan Permit Information form you completed under #2 above. For the Plan, select “Plans” from the Type pull down menu and provide a brief description of the document in the Description box such as site plan, barrier detail, etc. Click the Save button. Click Add and Click Add again. Upload your Temporary Change of Plan Permit Information form, select “Miscellaneous” from the Type pull down menu and type in “Temporary Change of Plan Permit Information” in the Description box.   Add more files if necessary. Click Continue Application.
  12. For Step 5: Review the information that you entered under previous steps.  Click Continue Application to submit your application.
  13. Once you have submitted your application, the system will provide you a record number, which should start with PWOR. Please email this record number to so that review of your permit can be started.
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