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Opioid Fact Sheets

What Are Opioids?

What Are Opioids?

How to use NARCAN

How to use NARCAN

Opioid Overdose: How to Save A Life

Opioid Overdose: How to Save A Life

Opioid Risks

Opioid Risks

Opioids and Heroin 

Prescription opioid use is a risk factor for heroin use. Click here to learn more. 

For more information on heroin, visit: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/heroin

Milwaukee County Opioid-Related Overdose Report 

MCW COPE LogoThe Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), Community Opioid Prevention Effort (COPE) reports on the Milwaukee County opioid crisis, with data from 2012-2018. View the full report.


SE/WI Regional Heroin/Opiates Initiative 



Alderman Murphy has committed to raising heroin addiction awareness in the city, because one important way the downward spiral of addication can be stopped is by friends and family members understanding the signs of addiction and knowing how to intervene on behalf of loved ones.  To that end, multiple community events have already taken place, and more will be planned.

In partnership with the The Zilber Foundation, Milwaukee County, and the City of Milwaukee Health Department and Department of Administration, Alderman Michael Murhpy continues this initiative in response to the growing problem of heroin and opiate addication in the Milwaukee area. 

Preventing and treating heroin and opiate addiction, as well as helping addicts recover from it, is a great challenge.  We believe that working together, we can tackle substance abuse in the SE Wisconsin Region, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Racine, and Washington Counties. 

NEW: Read the multifaceted initial report of the City-County Heroin, Opioid and Cocaine Task Force

On behalf of the City-County Heroin, Opiooid, and Cocaine Task Force we present to you the initial work plan generated by the Task Force to turn the tide against a wave of overdoses and substance abuse in our community.

Alderman Murphy's Office Releases New Report on Heroin in Milwaukee

After much digging into the numbers as to what is actually happening on the ground with heroin addiction and overdose in the City of Milwaukee, Alderman Murphy's office has produced a comprehensive report with some surprising results.  Click the links below to see the report and accompanying press release.

Report & Release

2014 SE Wisconsin Heroin/Opiates Symposium

This symposium engaged participants in a thoughtful, honest dialogue to develop comprehensive, community-based solutions for eliminating heroin and opiate abuse.  This all-day interactive event brought together police, doctors, pharmacists, non-profit service groups, addicts, and government and academic institutions to share their experiences.  As part of the event, attendees were asked to commit to one or more actions to help address the growing heroin/opiate addiction problem in the Milwaukee area.

Do you have medication that you no longer use or want? These medications need to be disposed of properly to ensure they are not misused by a friend or family member. 

Take Back My Meds MKE is a coalition of organizations and businesses working to make it easier for Milwaukee County residents to safely dispose of their unused prescription medicine. A map of drug take back locations in Milwaukee County can be found at takebackymeds.com.



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