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Immunization Records

A copy of your immunization(shot) record can be obtained at our walk-in clinics or by calling the Immunization Program at (414) 286-8034.  MHD stores most of our immunization records in the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR).  The records we provide are based on the information in that system. Immunization records can also be accessed directly through the WIR.

Accessing you or your child's shot record in WIR

The Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) is a secure computerized internet database used to record and track the dates when someone receives an immunization in Wisconsin.  It can also be used to help determine if your child is currently up-to-date on their shots and when their next shots are due. 

In order to access your record online using WIR, your healthcare provider must have entered you or your child's social security number or Medicaid ID into the system.  Often times, this information is missing in WIR.  The health department or your healthcare provider can update this information so you can access you or your child's immunization records in WIR.  For more information about the WIR, please click here. (Spanish) (Hmong


  1. Go to the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) website

  2. Once you are in WIR, look for the title Public Immunization Record Access

  3. Inside the box underneath, click on the "Public Immunization Record Access" link.

  4. In the Immunzation Record Search screen, type in the first and last name and birth date of your child.  Use your name and date of birth if you're looking up your information.

  5. Enter EITHER your child's Social Security Number or Medicaid ID (use your own if looking up yourself)

  6. Click the Search button or press Enter.

Once you access your child's WIR record, you can review the bottom of the record for future immunization due dates. Future immunization dates are based on your child's age as of the date the record was accessed. 

The amount of information in the WIR will depend upon your age. The information is usually more complete for children.  In addition, where you obtained the shot will also determine the amount of information available.  Information is more complete for providers who participate in the WIR. Check with your healthcare provider to see if they participate. 

If you or your child were born in another state,  there may not be a record in WIR or it may be missing information.  Immunization records from other states may be obtained by contacting that state's immunization program.  Links to other state's immunization program websites can be found on the Immunization Action Coalition website here.

If your child needs immunizations, schedule an appointment with your primary care provider (physician) or visit City of Milwaukee Health Department Walk-In Clinics for your child by the recommended due dates.


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