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Solar Permitting Information

Please Note: All City of Milwaukee permits are now done through our LMS (online) system! Please visit the website for more info and to create an account: City of Milwaukee Land Management System

Residential Permit Process

Expedited Residential Permit Process (most residential installs are eligible for the expedited permit process)

In most cases, residential solar projects may be eligible for an expedited solar permit. If the project meets the following criteria, the expedited permit can be used which takes the place of a separate electric and building permits.

  • Solar electric (PV) system of less than 10 kilowatts
  • 1 or 2 family dwelling
  • Solar panels are flush-mounted on the roof
  • Total load is less than 5 pounds per square foot

Expedited solar permits cost $70 (with a processing fee). Any additional service upgrades, outlets or switches or feeder/sub feeder changes will cost additional. Permit applications must include (1) a line diagram and (2) spec sheets.

Please use this ► planning worksheet to determine if the planned project meets the requirements for the expedited permit. If so, the expedited permit can be used. 

Please note: The expedited solar permits must be completed via the City's LMS (online) website. 

Please note: Stamped structural drawings are not required if your project meets the criteria above for the expedited permit. 


Standard Residential Permit Process

All solar projects in the City of Milwaukee are required to have:

  • Electrical or plumbing permit
  • Building permit

All permits must be approved and issued before starting the solar installation.

The following is the standard residential permitting process:

  1. Installer with proper credentials compiles submittal documents (see Solar Permit Worksheet) to support the permit application
  2. Installer submits ESPV permit application and uploads supporting documentation via the LMS Land Management System at milwaukee.gov/LMS, or visits the development center via walk-in service or appointment to meet with a plan examiner
  3. A Plan Examiner reviews and approves application and supporting documents
  4. Installer pays all applicable permit fees
  5. Permit is issued

All solar projects in the City of Milwaukee are required to have a solar permit (ESPV).

If an alteration to the roof structure is required to support the proposed solar array, a building permit will be required.

Please see the Department of Neighborhood Services Residential Solar Permit Process Worksheet for more information. 


Commercial Permit Process

Commercial Solar Array Installation Submittal Requirements below and found here: Commercial Permit Process Info Sheet 

  1. (1 copy) Certificate of Supervision by a WI registered design professional. https://city.milwaukee.gov/DNS/planning/EAppCertSup.pdf
  2. (1 copy) Information sheet from WI registered design professional. (Stamped, signed and dated)
    • Provide a description of the building including Class of Construction, Roof Fire Classification and number of stories.
    • Provide documentation verifying roof structure is capable of supporting new loads. (Dead load, Snow Load, Wind Load)
  3. (3 copies) Stamped roof plan drawings showing layout, panels, inverters including quantity. Include section showing array and roof curb, labeling parts and attachment hardware.
  4. (1 copy) Panel specifications with fire rating and UL1703 testing verification.


You must have:

  • A separate permit for plumbing (for solar thermal)
  • A separate permit for electrical (for solar PV)

How To Schedule an Appointment at the Development Center

Once you upload your permit documents online via LMS, your permit will be scheduled for review with a plan examiner. If you wish to meet with the plan examiner in person, plan reviews and permit issuance can be offered via appointment. Call 414-286-8210 to schedule. You may find it’s easier to bring your permit materials in and speak with a plan examiner, but it is not mandatory.

Plan reviews and permit issuance can also be offered same day via our Commercial Walk-in Service (first come, first served) at our Development Center which his located at 809 N Broadway, 1st floor. Please note that that our walk-in desk service limits permits to one per customer.

New Solar Permit Fees

As part of the City of Milwaukee's work as a Department of Energy SolSmart City, we worked with the Department of Neighborhood Services to reduce and simplify Milwaukee's commercial solar permit fees in order to encourage more renewable energy installations in the City.

The new fees were adopted by the Milwaukee Common Council on June 20, 2018 and are as follows:

Plan Examination.
Solar PV The fee for the examination of commercial solar PV building plans shall be $250 per system.

Building Permits.
There shall be no building permit fee for the installation of a solar PV system on one- or 2-family dwellings not required to undergo structural reinforcement or alterations.

The building permit fees for installations of all other solar PVs shall be as follows:
0-20 kilowatts: $70.
20.1-35 kilowatts: $100.
35.1-50 kilowatts: $150.
50.1-75 kilowatts: $200.
75.1-100 kilowatts: $250.
Over 100 kilowatts: $300.

Electrical Permits.
The electrical permit fees for Solar PV shall be as follows:
0-20 kilowatts: $70.
20.1-35 kilowatts: $100.
35.1-50 kilowatts: $150.
50.1-75 kilowatts: $200.
75.1-100 kilowatts: $250
Over 100 kilowatts: $300


Solar Inspections

Please see the Department of Neighobrhood Services Guide to a Successful Solar Inspection Worksheet for more information. 



Historic Properties or Districts

Special considerations are required for placement of solar installations on historic properties.

Solar can be installed on historic properties in the City of Milwaukee but installers must fill out the Historic Preservation Certificate of Appropriateness worksheet.

Note! Contractors must email the completed COA application to [email protected] and receive approval in order for your permit to be issued. Please do not begin your installation prior to receiving apporval from Historic Preservation. 


Installer Credentials

Solar Electric Installers are required to have these credentials for installations in the City of Milwaukee:

Solar Hot Water installers are required to have these credentials for installations in the City of Milwaukee:


Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services

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