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Milwaukee Police Department

Financial Crimes Unit

Mortgage Fraud

What is mortgage fraud?

Obtains title to property of another person by intentionally deceiving the person with false representation that is known to be false, made with intent to defraud, and which does defraud the person to whom it is made. “False representation” includes a promise made with intent not to perform it if it is part of a false and fraudulent scheme. Wisconsin State Statue 943.20(1)(d)

How can I be notified if someone files a quick claim deed against my property?

Milwaukee County – Register of Deeds office has an online alert service that alters subscribers (via email or phone contact) each time a document is recorded with their name that you can subscribe to at http://www.ptla.org/national-consumer-law-center

I believe that I am a victim of mortgage fraud. What should I do?

You will need to compose a request letter requesting a complete copy of the loan documents related to your property from the mortgage lender, and then mail the letter by certified mail to the mortgage company. See sample request letter at http://www.consumerfinance.gov/mortgagehelp/. Contacting your bank, the mortgage company, or lending institution in a timely fashion may help your cause.

I have received the documents from the bank/mortgage lender now what?

Contact the Milwaukee Police Department district station where you reside.

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