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Milwaukee Police Department

Code of Conduct

City of Milwaukee Police Code of Conduct The Milwaukee Police Department hereby establishes a Code of Conduct comprised of our Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Core Values and Guiding Principles, and Standard Operating Procedures. This Code establishes fundamental standards of conduct and performance consistent with the highest professional standards of policing. Our vision statement describes what we as a police department seek to achieve. Our mission statement describes how we as department members will achieve that vision. Our core values and guiding principles shape our conduct and performance both on and off duty. Our policies and procedures guide our standards of practice for situations most likely to be encountered in the course of our duties.

In the spirit of partnership with the community, the Milwaukee Police Department strives to make our department as accessible as possible to the people we serve. With that in mind, we have included our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) on our website. These procedures provide direction to our members in a wide variety of situations that occur as they carry out the mission of the Milwaukee Police Department. We believe public access to these guidelines provides clarity concerning our operations and offers a level of transparency that will benefit both our agency and our community.

Some Standard Operating Procedures are currently under development and are not posted on the site at this time. When additions or modifications occur, those updated procedures will be posted as well. For more information regarding these Standard Operating Procedures contact the Office of Management, Analysis, and Planning at [email protected]

Download MPD's Code of Conduct

Download MPD's Discipline Matrix


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