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Milwaukee Police Department

Law Enforcement Safety Act

The Law Enforcement Safety Act authorizes retired law enforcement officers to carry a concealed firearm under certain conditions. To be eligible for certification, the retiree must have served as a certified law enforcement officer for a minimum of 10 years, retired in good standing and currently reside in Wisconsin.

In order to receive certification, a qualified retiree must complete a Milwaukee Police Department Law Enforcement Safety Act Registration Form and Background Questionnaire, read and sign a release and waiver of liability (Waiver Form – Firearms Course Required), pay a fee to cover the cost of the qualification session and processing, and successfully pass the firearms qualification course. Individuals who have retired within the last year and wish to be certified with the same weapon do not have to participate in the firearms course under certain conditions. If the retiree intends to use the same handgun that was approved by the Firearms Section for off-duty carry while the retiree was a member of the Department, the retiree does not have to complete the firearms course. If the retiree intends to carry another gun that has not previously been inspected and approved by the Firearms Section, the retiree must successfully complete the firearms qualification course and all fees apply. If firearms certification is not required the retiree does need to sign a waiver of liability (Waiver Form Within 1 Year of Retiring).
All other requirements still apply.

Complete information on eligibility and certification can be found in the Milwaukee Police Department Law Enforcement Safety Act Certification Policy.

In order to apply for certification, the following forms must be completed and mailed to the Milwaukee Police Department – Human Resources Division, 749 W. State St., Milwaukee, WI 53233:

  • Law Enforcement Safety Act Registration Form
  • Background Questionnaire
  • Release, Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement

All forms are available by clicking HERE. You may complete the forms on your computer and print them, or print blank forms and complete them by hand. Due to signature requirements, the forms cannot be accepted electronically.

Qualified retirees will be notified by email of the status of their application for certification as well as provided with the link to the qualification course schedule.

The applicant is responsible for familiarity with the Milwaukee Police Department Law Enforcement Safety Act Certification Policy, relevant aspects and provisions of the Law Enforcement Safety Act and Wisconsin State Statutes pertaining to the carrying and use of firearms.

Officers NOT yet retired, but wish certification before doing so, click HERE for information.

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