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MKE Mobile

City of Milwaukee Mobile Service Request App

Residents can use MKE Mobile to locate, photograph and provide supporting information to ensure speedy resolution of issues. Issues that can be reported include Abandoned Vehicles, Graffiti, Litter, Potholes or other issues.

MKE Mobile
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MKE Mobile functions from any place your device has data capabilities. A WiFi connection is not required, but it is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Filing a New Report

  1. From the Home screen click FILE NEW REPORT
  2. Choose a report category from the list
  3. Enter all mandatory report fields marked with a '*'. All reports require a location to be entered.
    Entering a location is achieved by either using the current location or choosing a different location. To choose a different location, drag the map so that the cross hair centers on the location of the issue. The address bar will update to display the selected location.
  4. Once all mandatory fields have been entered click Submit. The report will be submitted and will appear under MY REPORTS.

Checking the Status of a Report

  1. From the Home screen click MY REPORTS. A list of all you reports will be displayed, grouped by their status
  2. A report may have one of the following status types:
    1. Draft - reports that have not yet been submitted to MKE Mobile
    2. Pending - reports that have been submitted, but not yet accepted
    3. Open - reports that have been accepted and are currently being investigated
    4. Closed - reports that have been closed. check the status reason inside the report for further details.
  3. Click on one of the reports to see report details including the Status Reason that explains why the Status has changed.
  4. Map - this will show a map view of all submitted reports of any status. Tapping on a pin will show more detail. Tapping on the balloon will show the full report detail.