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This resource is intended to be used by individuals working towards gaining their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for employment with the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works. City Laborer candidates are encourage to get their permit prior to February 7, 2022 as Federal DOT requirements are changing. Candidates with a permit by the February 7th deadline will use the current requirements. 


Candidates are not required to have a permit at application, but it would expedite the time it would gain a CDL once employed by the City. 


All City Laborers and Urban Forestry Laborers must pass both General Knowledge (50 questions) and Air Brakes (25 questions) tests at the DMV


Further, the City Laborer and Urban Forestry Laborer positions require that a CDL is gained within six months of starting the position


Operations Driver Worker positions require a CDL at the time of application.  


DMV Requirements

The Wisconsin DMV provides helpful information for CDL applicants and license holders.  Review the DMV webpage for information related to “CDL Overview”, “Maintaining a CDL”, “Commercial driver license guide” and much more.  Be sure to understand what is required to get and maintain a CDL.   


Important Note: The DMV allows 5 attempts per test within a 365 day period of time. A 6th attempt may be granted if a special permission request is accepted by DMV satff. 


Wisconsin Commercial Driver's Manual (Version: June 2020):

The CDL Manual includes three parts and multiple sections.  It may be helpful to focus studying efforts on Part One, Section 2 (Driving Safely - General Knowledge) and Part Two, Section 5 (Air Brakes).  Further, reference the “Test your Knowledge” questions in all sections to solidify your understanding of important information.  Finally, consider using the read aloud option in the manual.  


Apps and Websites

Test your knowledge through various practice tests/exams. Focus on General Knowledge and Air Brakes tests.  Continue to test your knowledge until you have minimal mistakes by answering questions correctly.  These practice tests provide a real exam simulation without the fear or pressure of the actual exam.  Use the apps in conjunction with the Wisconsin Commercial Driver's Manual.  The below list are some helpful Apps, websites and general resources available to help with your self-study.



Additional Training Resources

Once a CDL permit is gained, the below YouTube videos may be helpful to study for the behind-the-wheel testing, including practicing for the Pre-Trip Inspection. 

Getting a Driver's License

The Wisconsin DMV provides helpful information for individuals interested in gaining a valid driver's license. Consider starting the process by completing the interactive "Driver License Guide"

Community Resources

Milwaukee Urban League

New Concept Self Development Center

Legal Action of Wisconsin - Help with Driver's License reinstatement

Other Helpful Links

City of Milwaukee Online Employment Center

Milwaukee Agencies Providing Computer/Job Resources

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