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Milwaukee Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Awareness Program (MBCCAP)


Wisconsin Well Woman Program (WWWP)

The Wisconsin Well Woman Program (WWWP) provides preventive health screening services to low-income women who are uninsured or underinsured. This state-run program pays for mammograms, Pap tests, and multiple sclerosis testing.


The program is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, Division of Public Health, and is available in all 72 Wisconsin Counties and 11 tribes, including the City of Milwaukee Health Department. MBCCAP's mission is to decrease the mortality rate of breast and cervical cancer in all women in the city of Milwaukee through education, outreach, screening, treatment, community awareness, and involvement.


What services does WWWP provide?

  • Mammograms
  • Clinical Breast Exams (CBE)
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Referral
  • Breast Self-Exam Instruction
  • Pap Tests
  • Assessments for Multiple Sclerosis 


Who is eligible?

  • Enrollment is limited to women ages 45 to 64 (see below exceptions)
  • Income must be within the program's guideline limits
  • Clients do not have health insurance, or the insurance they do have does not cover routine check-ups and screening, or clients are unable to pay high deductibles or co-payments

What are the exceptions​​​​​​?

  • Persons ages 35-44 who are enrolled in the Family Planning Waiver Program (FPWP) with an abnormal CBE
  • Persons ages 35-44 who contact a local coordinating agency reporting any one of the following:
  • Breast Lump (or palpable mass)
  • Bloody or serious nipple discharge
  • Breast skin changes (dimpling, retraction, redness) or nipple/areolar scaliness
  • Enrollment by local coordinating agency only (see below)
  • Written referral by the FPWP provider or the other referring provider

How do I apply?

  • Enroll through a county or tribal Wisconsin Well Woman Program coordinating agency
  • A simple enrollment form; requires proof of age, income, and insurance status

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