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COVID-19 Data Resources

Welcome to the City of Milwaukee Health Department's COVID-19 Data Resources!

MHD is excited to present de-identified datasets covering the start of the COVID-19 pandemic through July 2023. These datasets have been thoughtfully curated to foster transparency, empower research endeavors, and support public health initiatives.

MHD's primary goal is to equip students, researchers, policymakers, and interested individuals with the tools they need to analyze trends, evaluate vaccine effectiveness, and develop robust strategies for future pandemics.

In our commitment to understanding the nuances of COVID-19's impact on different populations and addressing disparities, we have included demographic data such as age groups, gender, race, ethnicity, and zip codes. Additionally, a unique identifier has been provided to facilitate seamless integration of the case and vaccination data sets.

MHD is excited about the potential of these datasets to offer profound insights into the timeline, disparities, and the transformative impact of vaccinations on the trajectory of COVID-19 cases in Milwaukee.

Please note:

These datasets protect individual privacy by removing any personally identifiable information.

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