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Compliance Loan Program

The Compliance Loan Program (CLP) assists homeowners in making repairs necessary to fix code violations on their property. CLP does this by providing 0% interest, deferred payment loans. This means homeowners pay no interest and only pay back the loan when selling or transferring the property. For more specific information, please see the items listed below. For more information and an application, please contact CLP staff at (414) 286-2567. Even if individuals do not qualify for CLP, the Department Neighborhood Services encourages homeowners to contact the department to develop strategies to fix code violations and promote safe and healthy structures throughout Milwaukee.  


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CLP Frequently Asked Questions

All of the answers to frequently asked questions about our successful Compliance Loan Program.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Todas las respuestas a preguntas frecuentes.

Compliance Loan Program Brochure (DNS-181)

Details of the City of Milwaukee’s Compliance Loan Program. Get help with code violation repairs.

Programa de Préstamos para el Cumplimiento Folleto (DNS-181s)

Los detalles del Programa Préstamo Cumplimiento de la Ciudad Milwaukee. Obtener ayuda con las reparaciones de violación.

Compliance Loan Program Term Sheet

This document provides specific details on eligibility requirements.

Programa de Préstamo de Cumplimiento - Términos

Este documento proporciona detalles específicos sobre los requisitos de elegibilidad.

Compliance Loan Program Application

Please complete and fill out this application, then email or mail to Steph O'Connor ( at 841 N. Broadway, Rm 105, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

Aplicación del Programa de Préstamo de Cumplimiento

Regrése la aplicación a Steph O’Connor, 841 North Broadway, Cuarto 10, Milwaukee, WI 53202 or a

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Compliance Loan Program
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Steph O'Connor

Compliance Loan Programs Coordinator

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