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Strong Neighborhoods Plan


Activities are focused on reducing the City’s tax delinquency and tax foreclosure acquisitions. Key activities and programs include:

  1. Compliance Loan Program
    Began in 2014 as a pilot, expanded to $500,000 in 2015’s adopted City budget. The program uses DNS inspectors as a referral source for owners at risk of tax delinquency to address critical structural and mechanical issues as an alternative to court actions.
  2. STRONG Homes Loan Program
    Funded via the 2015 adopted City budget, this program makes affordable loans available to owners who are able to repay a loan, but are unable to access market financing due to: low- or fixed-incomes, high loan-to-value ratios (“underwater”, or close to it), or other factors preventing private lenders from financing repairs.
  3. Vacant building registration
    Vacancy and bank foreclosure are risk factors for tax delinquency. Vacant building registration and re-inspection let the City stay ahead of deterioration and vandalism that push properties into demolition, and preserve property to enhance marketability should the City become owner.
  4. Outreach
    Connect with partner organizations and private institutions to address tax delinquency, prevent bank foreclosures, and move “zombie” foreclosures back to market. Properties on the market or not in foreclosure are at lower risk of tax delinquency.

Don’t lose your home through tax foreclosure due to delinquent property taxes!

Property taxes are not the same as other debt. The City of Milwaukee cannot negotiate the tax amounts owed or waive interest and penalty charges. Due dates are non-negotiable.

The Mayor and City Treasurer Spencer Coggs strongly suggest that those behind in paying their property taxes reach out to a counselor below to discuss financial planning and how to get back on track. The City of Milwaukee does not want to take your home.

 Non-Profit Counseling Agencies


Consumer Credit Counseling

Kathryn Crumpton
[email protected]

(414) 482-8801
3200 W. Highland Blvd.


Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Milwaukee (Aurora Family Service, Inc.)

We provide financial assessments, budgeting help, credit report reviews, debt repayment plans, financial coaching and financial literacy classes.

We also provide pre-bankruptcy counseling and required filer education.



[email protected]

10101 W. Greenfield Ave, Suite 110

GreenPath is able to provide translation services in up to 170 languages


GreenPath, Inc.

GreenPath is a non-profit financial education organization that offers free one-on-one counseling for those struggling with housing or credit related issues. As a HUD approved housing counseling agency and NFCC credit counseling agency, we will work with you to develop a detailed budget and action plan to achieve your financial goals.

GreenPath also offers a Debt Management Program, where we are able to administer payments to your creditors, including property taxes.


Housing Resources, Inc. logo

 Emmett Gross
[email protected]

(414) 461-6330
7830 W. Burleigh St.

Other languages: Spanish


Housing Resources, Inc. (HRI)

Housing Resources’ mission is to empower people to live their dreams of successful homeownership through education, advocacy and supportive services.

We provide homebuyers with the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to purchase their first homes; provide homeowners with advocacy and support to retain their homes as well as resources and tools to maintain their homes.


Fair Housing

Bethany Sanchez
[email protected]

(414) 278-1240
600 E. Mason Street, #401

Other languages: Spanish, and
others via an interpreting service


Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council

If you have paid someone for help with modifying your loan, or other foreclosure prevention work, you may be a victim an illegal practice called a mortgage “rescue” scam. The Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council, a nonprofit agency, will help you file complaints against the scammer, and if at all possible, help you to get your money back – for free!

The Fair Housing Council helps with fair housing questions or fair housing complaints related to rental properties, entities involved in the home sale process (Realtors, sellers, and others), entities involved in the home loan process (banks, mortgage companies, credit unions), homeowners insurance and renters insurance, as well as mortgage “rescue” scams.


Take Root Milwaukee logo

Kristi Luzar, UEDA

(414) 921-4149
1915 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Suite 260 



Take Root Milwaukee

Take Root Milwaukee (TRM) is a resource that connects people to local, low-cost and trustworthy organizations than can help them either buy a home or keep their home. TRM includes over 52 individuals and groups active in the homeownership sector such as housing counseling agencies, financial institutions, Realtors, local government, neighborhood organizations and other community partners – all working together to promote sustainable homeownership.

If you are a homeowner at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, call the Take Root Milwaukee Hotline at (414) 921-4149 or visit the Take Root Milwaukee website for more information. It is important that you understand your rights and your options. Take Root Milwaukee provides free and confidential resources to help you stay in your home. Through our trusted participants:

  • There is never a charge for foreclosure counseling
  • It is always confidential and free of charge
  • Foreclosure counseling is not reported to any credit reporting agency and will not impact your credit score


















Housing Help web tool. One click to resources. Homeowners, Home buyers, Investors/non-profit

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Don't lose your home through tax foreclosure due to delinquent property taxes. Click for help and get back on track.

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