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 Welcome to District Four

Crime & Safety Meetings

MPD Distict 4 Badge

Held every last Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m.
Safety Academy, 6680 N. Teutonia Ave.

There will be no meetings in December or January.

Please mark your calendars and join us! Working together we can be a force that keeps our communities safe!

For more information, contact Community Liaison Officers:
Tracey Geniesse (414) 935-7248 or Carrie Resnick (414) 935-7373

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Information & Resources

Chronic Nuisance Information

Chronic Nuisance Information

Property where nuisance activity occurs regularly is a blight on the whole neighborhood. Under the City of Milwaukee Chronic Nuisance Property Code (80-10-2) MPD can notify the owner and request a plan to stop chronic nuisances from continuing.

Landlord/Tenant Information

Landlord/Tenant Information

The landlord/tenant relationship is more than just paying and collecting rent. Both landlord and tenant have crucial responsibilities for ensuring a mutually beneficial experience.

Night Parking

Night Parking

Parking overnight on Milwaukee streets requires a permit, except on a temporary basis for special circumstances.

MPD District 4

Captain Heather Wurth

Captain Heather Wurth

6929 W Silver Spring Dr
Milwaukee, WI


(La Linea que no es de Emergencia es)

District numbers (414 area code)

District Main Line: 935-7243
Lieutenant's Office: 935-7242
  • Day Shift
  • Early Shift
  • Late Shift
8 am to 4 pm
4 pm to 12 am
12 am to 8 am
Auxiliary and Explorer Program
Ronald Edwards  
Community Liaison Officers
Tracey Geniesse 935-7248
Carrie Resnick 935-7373

Don't know who else to contact? Your Community Liaison Officer may be able to help you help yourself.  Your Community Liaison Officer can help you start a Block Watch program, or deal with a long standing nuisance issue in your neighborhood

Photo of Milwaukee Police District Four