Sergeant Raymond Nencki died on October 5th, 1959 at County General Hospital after a two-week fight for his life.  On September 23rd, police were called to N. 63rd Street and W. Capitol Drive because of a man behaving oddly, going door-to-door. When approached by police in the alley, the man pulled a gun and shot Sergeant Nencki twice. His partner was able to return fire, killing the man. The suspect was later identified as the man who killed the wife of the vice-principal of Brown Street School a day earlier.

Attending physicians said Sergeant Nencki's death was due to an infection that set in almost immediately after one of the two .38 caliber bullets had torn through his colon. Sergeant Nencki received 72 pints of blood in transfusions.

Sergeant Nencki was 38-years-old and had served with the Milwaukee Police Department for 11 years, following his service in the Army. He was promoted to Sergeant on November 7, 1953. Sergeant Nencki was married and had a step-daughter.

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