Childhood Lead Primary Prevention Program

Lead paint on house


lead paint window exterior

The program ensures that properties are being made lead-paint safe and that children with elevated blood lead levels are receiving the resources they require.

The City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) offers a Primary Prevention Program for owners and tenants who would like to ensure their homes are lead safe. Through this program, eligible property owners are provided a grant to replace original windows that have lead-based paint. Funding to address lead hazards is available to property owners who complete the application. 

*NOTE: The City of Milwaukee HealthyHomes Program also provides up to $5,000 per unit to address common home hazards.

lead window interior

Note: If your home was built before 1978 it may contain lead paint and homes built before 1950 usually have the highest concentrations of lead paint. Repairing and remodeling painted surfaces in homes built before 1978, if done in an unsafe manner, can be hazardous to children. If lead dust is swallowed or breathed, it can cause lead poisoning, the #1 environmental health problem facing American children today.

Lead poisoning, even at low levels in a child’s body, can cause permanent brain damage and negatively affect children’s behaviors and their ability to learn. Young children and pregnant women are at greatest risk. Protect your family by following safe remodeling procedures - whether you do the work yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you.

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Property must be built on or before 1978
  • If you are not current on your property taxes be on a payment plan
  • Property must have at least one bedroom
  • Property must have homewoners insurance during the abatement process
  • The property must have no open building code violations
  • The owner must be available to join an inspection with a lead inspector
  • For rental properties:
    • Current tenants must be low income.
    • If the unit is vacant, landlords must be willing to offer the unit for rent to low-income families with children
    • Tenants must have income below 80% of Area Median Income (see chart below) and property owner must agree to rent to income eligible families with children for at least three years after lead hazards are abated
  • For homeowners:
    • A pregnant woman, a woman of childbearing age (age 15-45) or child under age 6 must live in the home or spend a significant amount of time in the home

Area of Availability

  • Properties within the City of Milwaukee


2021 Income Guidelines

Family Size 80% of State Median Income 2021 (annual ncome)
1 $47,250
2 $54,000
3 $60,750
4 $67,500
5 $72,900
6 $78,300
7 $83,700
8 $89,100


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