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In 2016, the men and women of the Milwaukee Police Department continued their mission of community-based and problem-oriented policing.  Whether it was the continuation of our successful ambassador program, the hiring of new Community Service Officers, or our participation in the Violence Reduction Network, MPD is committed to making Milwaukee a safe place.  The work we are doing is not only recognized at a local level, but nationally as well, as evidenced by our recent MetLife Awards for partnerships in the Amani and Washington Park Neighborhoods and the Police Executive Research Forum Leadership Award.

These successes are presented against a backdrop of concerns about policing both here in Milwaukee and nationwide.  Our officers showed incredible restraint following the civil unrest this past summer.  Following arson and mayhem, MPD officers were involved in no deadly force incidents and restored peace and calm to the Sherman Park neighborhood. 

The work of our officers is evident in the numbers with decreases in 2016 in both total crime and violent crime.  Non-fatal shootings, citizen complaints, and uses of force also saw decreases.  While we acknowledge the positive strides we’ve made, we realize our work is never done.  Homicides, in particular, remain at an alarmingly high level.  We are not the only city in America to see this type of trend.  Violent crime increased in nearly 2/3 of major cities across the United States.  Our core mission remains the same: to reduce levels of crime, fear, and disorder in Milwaukee. 

With the recruit classes of 1991 and 1992 at their 25th anniversary, MPD is seeing many retirements and we thank those employees for their years of dedication and service.  Two new recruit classes started at the Academy in 2016 and I am confident our eager new officers, along with the expertise and knowledge of our veteran employees, will help contribute to the Department for years to come. 

In 2016, I began my third full term as the Chief of the Department and I take pride in the achievements of MPD.  With law enforcement under increased scrutiny, there is no time like the present for our employees to serve as role models for the citizens of Milwaukee. 

I present to you the 2016 Annual Report for the Milwaukee Police Department. 

Edward A. Flynn

Chief of Police

City of Milwaukee

Click here to download the 2016 Annual Report.