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2017 Annual Report

Message from the Chief

2017 Milwaukee Police Department Annual ReportI find it hard to believe that ten years have passed since I first took the oath of office as Milwaukee’s eighteenth police chief. I have become the fifth longest- serving chief in the MPD’s one hundred and sixty-two year history and the first, since the institution of terms of office, to be reappointed.

I became a police officer forty-seven years ago. I have served as a police chief executive for thirty of those years. Becoming Chief in Milwaukee was the fulfillment of a career dream. I promised the residents of this City when I was first sworn in that, “I will not let you down.” I have done my professional best to fulfill that promise.

But the important point is this: the Milwaukee Police Department has achieved a level of excellence acknowledged by federal agencies, academic partners and peer agencies documented by the numerous awards and recognition it has received. It has had a dramatic impact on crime while retaining broad grassroots support. Citizen complaints and uses of force are at all-time lows. By any objective standard, it is a model agency.

I have been privileged to be the leader of this fine agency and proud of my role in its evolution. But the credit for all of its accomplishments belong to its members, officers and civilians, who have made everything possible, who have had great ideas, who have developed the operational plans, who have adjusted, who have taken the physical risks and who have connected with communities in every part of the city. The men and women of the Milwaukee Police Department deserve the respect and support of those they protect and serve because they have earned it. Milwaukee should be proud of its sons and daughters and proud that it raised men and women noble in spirit animated by a desire to serve. I extend to them my profound gratitude and admiration.


Edward A. Flynn

Chief of Police
City of Milwaukee

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