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Examples of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

  • Theft of city property, such as inventory or supplies
  • Submitting invoices for fictitious or personal goods and services
  • Payroll or timekeeping fraud such as authorizing or receiving payment for hours not worked
  • Falsely reporting expenses for reimbursement
  • Stealing a check the city issued to another person or business
  • Taking or "skimming" cash paid for city services such as for parking, permits or fines
  • Voiding legitimate cash register sales and pocketing the money
  • Using city property for personal use
  • Computer fraud or theft of information
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Accepting a bribe, kickback, or illegal gratuity
  • Bid-fixing
  • Materials overcharging
  • Time overcharging
  • Product substitution
  • Auditing or accounting irregularities


If you suspect or witness any fraud, waste or abuse against City of Milwaukee resources,

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