Definition of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

“Abuse” means the improper use of city resources in a manner contrary to law, city policy or work rules, or the improper use of one’s position for private gain or advantage for himself or herself or any other person.


“Fraud” means any intentional act or omission for personal gain designed to deprive the city of its resources or assets to which the individual or person is not entitled.


“Waste” means the careless expenditure of city funds or resources above and beyond the level that is reasonably required to meet the needs of the city, or the consumption or use of city resources that is not authorized.


Examples of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

  • Theft of city property, such as inventory or supplies
  • Submitting invoices for fictitious or personal goods and services
  • Payroll or timekeeping fraud such as authorizing or receiving payment for hours not worked
  • Falsely reporting expenses for reimbursement
  • Stealing a check the city issued to another person or business
  • Taking or "skimming" cash paid for city services such as for parking, permits or fines
  • Voiding legitimate cash register sales and pocketing the money
  • Using city property for personal use
  • Computer fraud or theft of information
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Accepting a bribe, kickback, or illegal gratuity
  • Bid-fixing
  • Materials overcharging
  • Time overcharging
  • Product substitution
  • Auditing or accounting irregularities


If you suspect or witness any fraud, waste or abuse against City of Milwaukee resources,

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