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FAQs - Water Quality and Public Health

Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

We suggest you fill your reusable, recyclable water container with Milwaukee water. Of all of the choices of water available to you, only one must meet all standards of the Safe Drinking Water Act: your Milwaukee tap water. Choose the tap water!

Milwaukee’s drinking water quality meets all state and federal health regulations.

Milwaukee water, pure and fresh, 24-hours-a day, is a great value. Two-and-one half gallons cost one cent. If you drink eight glasses of water a day from bottled water, you spend $2,190 a year. Drink eight glasses of Milwaukee tap water every day for a year for 73¢. And, with Milwaukee water, you receive the benefits of highly regulated water quality along with fluoride for the health of your teeth.

The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires bottled water quality standards to be equal to those of the EPA for tap water, but the government does not monitor the quality of the finished bottled water product. Bottlers must test their source water and finished product only once a year. The Milwaukee Water Works conducts a multitude of quality tests on a daily, continuous basis.

Public water suppliers like the Milwaukee Water Works must assess sources of potential contaminants, like setbacks from landfills, industrial facilities, and underground storage tanks to protect the source of the water they treat for drinking. But there are no such federal regulations for the protection of bottled water sources.

Attention, Milwaukee Makers: Milwaukee water makes for awesome aquariums and sparkling homebrew. We offer the following water quality parameters for all who use tap water for brewing, to fill their aquariums, for photofinishing, coffee brewing and tea steeping, cooking and baking, and every activity that requires consistently pure, high-quality water.

Milwaukee Water Works Safe, Abundant Drinking Water

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