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Prohibited Animals

An animal that is determined to be a prohibited dangerous animal under s. 78-25 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances includes:

- Any animal that kills a domestic pet or animal without provocation while off of the owner or caretaker's property.
- Any animal that inflicts substantial bodily harm on a person without provocation on public or private property.
- Any animal brought into Milwaukee from another Wisconsin city, village, town or county in which it has been declared dangerous or vicious, has been banished from the city, village, town or county or has been ordered to be destroyed.
- Any dog that is subject to being destroyed under s. 174.02(3) of the Wisconsin Statutes.
-Any dog trained, owned or harbored for the purpose of dog fighting.

When an animal has been declared a prohibited dangerous animal, a Prohibited Dangerous Animal Order will be issued on the animal owner. The animal must either be removed from the City of Milwaukee within 7 days of receipt of order or destroyed. The order may be appealed in writing within 72 hours of receipt of order to the Department of Neighborhood Services.