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Milwaukee Police Department Safety Division

The Safety Division is located in room 151 of the Safety Academy at 6680 N. Teutonia Avenue. This building is also home to both the Milwaukee Police Department and Milwaukee Fire Department Recruit training programs.

The purpose and function of the Safety Division is: 

- Establish standards and conduct studies to determine locations to place school crossing guards
- Reevaluate whether relocation or discontinuation of crossing guard service is warranted
- Review findings with the Safety Commission and make recommendations to the Common Council the need for crossing guards based on the established standards
- Administer the school crossing guard program
- Furnish children, industrial workers, official and nonofficial groups with educational materials such as publications, films, radio and television announcements
- Provide exhibits for the promotion of safety within the financial resources established by the Common Council
- Oversee the defensive driving course is conducted in accordance with the program guidelines adopted by Common Council resolution
The Safety Division office is open 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  

School Crossing Guards-

  • REGULAR SCHOOL CROSSING GUARD (part-time). - Milwaukee Police Department. Applications are being taken at this time. For a description of job position click here.

  • SUBSTITUTE SCHOOL CROSSING GUARD (part-time). - Milwaukee Police Department. Applications are being taken at this time. For a description of job position, click here.


    The following reports are in PDF format - get adobe reader FREE

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    2). Print the preliminary application.

    3). Return my mail or in person to the listed address.

  • Milwaukee Police Department - Safety Division

  • 6680 N. Teutonia Avenue, Room 151

  • Milwaukee, WI 53209


The following reports are in PDF format

Traffic Safety

 Why We Enforce Speed Limits (pamphlet)

 Drinking and Driving - Some Myths and Facts (pamphlet)

 Only a Dummy Doesn't Wear a Seatbelt (pamphlet)

 Tips for Parents Who Drive Their Kids to School (pamphlet)

 Rights and Responsibilities of Motorists and Pedestrians (pamphlet)

 Motorists:  Test Your Knowledge About Pedestrians (pamphlet)

 Test Your Knowledge About Traffic Safety (pamphlet)

 Test Your Knowledge About the Right of Way (pamphlet)

 Test Your Knowledge About Emergency Vehicles (pamphlet)


Pedestrian Safety

 Traffic & Walking - Teacher's Guide

 Traffic & Walking - Basic Pedestrian Procedures for K5 and First Grade 

 Tips to Parents - Walking to School

 Should Your Child Cross Streets Alone?

 Cross the Street Safely - Grades K5 to 3, Teacher's Guide

 Cross the Street Safely - Grades K5 to 3

 Getting There by Foot - Grades 4-8, Teacher's Guide

 Getting There by Foot - Grades 4-8

 Test Your Knowledge - Grades 4-8

 Watchfull Willie - Preschool, Teacher's Guide

 What I Learned Today - Quiz

 Parents Avoid This Collision

 Los Padres Evitar Esta Colision (Parents Avoid This Collision, Spanish version)

 Rights and Responsibilities of Motorists and Pedestrians


Bicycle Safety

 Bicycle Safety (pamphlet)

 Bicycle Safety - Grades K5-3, Teacher's Guide

 Drive Your Bicycle Safely and Follow The Rules of The Road - Grades 4-8

 How Well do You Drive Your Bike?

 How Well do you Drive Your Bike? - Instructor's Guide

 "Someone Else" - Intermediate Grades

 "Someone Else" - Teacher's Guide

 The Right of Way - Primary Grades

 The Right of Way - Teacher's Guide

 Bicycle Safety Coloring Book

 Bicicleta de seguridad dibujos (Bicycle Safety Coloring Book, Spanish version)

 You Are A Driver (pamphlet) - Grades 4-8

Water Safety

 What Parents Should Know About Water Safety

 Water Safety Skills For Students - Grades K5-8

Home Safety

Test Your Knowledge About Home Safety


 What You Need to Know About Fireworks

 Lo que usted necesita saber sobre los fuegos artificiales (What You Need to Know About    Fireworks, Spanish version)


 Motorists Test Your Knowledge About Pedestrians 

Safety Related Web Sites

 To take the quiz Click Here

  Kid Safety Tip# 1



There are a few risks for children who use the Internet or other online services. Teenagers are particularly at risk because they often go online unsupervised and are more likely than younger children to participate in online discussions regarding companionship, relationships, or sexual activity. If you have a teen in your family or you are a teenager, check out Teen Safety on the Information Highway ( or order a free copy by calling 1-800-843-5678.

Wheels Safety Tips:

Always wear a helmet with reflective tape attached
Wear light colored clothing so you can be seen
Always ride with a friend
Be sensible, never show off
Watch for potholes, sewer gratings, cracks, railroad tracks, loose gravel, broken glass...anything that might cause you to spill
Leave earphones at home
Carry enough money or a telephone calling card to make a phone call or dial 9-1-1 in an emergency
Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back
When approaching an intersection, stay back and out of the way of a car that might be turning.

   Information provided by McGruff Safe

 Kid Safety Tip# 2

Internet Safety Tips:

  • Just as you stay away from strangers on the street, be careful about strangers on the Internet.
  • If anyone uses nasty language or mentions things that make you uncomfortable, don't respond and log off.
  • Never give your real last name, address, or telephone number to anyone; if someone asks for this information (or for your password) , don't respond. Log off and tell a trusted adult.
  • Never agree to meet with someone you've talked with on the Internet without asking permission from your parents first.
  • There are places on the NET which are for adults only.  If you find yourself in an "adults-only" place, or anywhere you think you shouldn't be, leave! There are plenty of good "kid places" on the net.

Milwaukee Police Safety Division

6680 N. Teutonia Ave. - Room 151

414- 935-7994

414-935-3561 (FAX)