Jacob Laubenheimer 1921-1936

Jacob Laubenheimer was Chief of Police during Prohibition (1920 to 1933), when the Department found it necessary to add high-powered rifles, machine guns and even some armored squad cars. This Chief, who began his career as an assistant secretary, refused to tolerate any "disruptive characters" in the city. The result being that the slogan of the underworld was, "stay away from Milwaukee".

Chief Laubenheimer followed in Chief Janssen's footsteps by instituting even more Department "firsts". He established the first Police Training Academy in the world in 1922, along with the first in-service classes. He increased police service further with auto theft squads, mounted patrolmen (in 1922) and increased Department strength to 705 by 1925, including the Department's first female "policewoman" (1922) and first African American patrolman (1924).

1930 brought the first radio equipped squad cars (receive only), protecting a city of 578,000 people. That same year the Department moved in to the newly build Safety Building, leaving the old station at Broadway and Wells Streets that had served the city since 1857.

When appointed, Chief Laubenheimer made $5,500 per year, while his men earned $1,860. Officers now reported for duty to five district stations and patrolled in Pierce-Arrow squad cars.