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April 20, 2021

Statement from Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on the Derick Chauvin Murder Trial Verdict:

“A jury in Minneapolis has reviewed the facts in the Chauvin case and delivered a just verdict.”

“The image of George Floyd dying is a permanent part of our collective memory. To move forward, we must understand violence against Black people—and other people of color—is real. And, while rare, there are people in positions of authority who perpetrate that violence. I condemn that.”

“Here in Milwaukee, we are moving forward with new approaches in law enforcement. We are focused on accountability, evolving law enforcement culture, and increasing community respect.”

“The death of George Floyd prompted many to raise their voices for justice. Peaceful petitioning for change is an essential part of American society. It is essential for Milwaukee’s future. Peace and peaceful protest is the way to reach the goals we share.”



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