Mayor Barrett Vetoes Proposed Aldermanic Maps, Asks Council to Reconsider Effect on Hispanic Residents

December 6, 2021

MILWAUKEE—After carefully considering the reapportionment of aldermanic districts, Mayor Tom Barrett is vetoing the proposal sent to him by the Milwaukee Common Council. His decision follows extensive discussions with elected officials, community members, legal experts, and individuals with experience in redistricting matters.

Mayor Barrett’s primary concern is the effect of the new districts on Milwaukee’s Hispanic residents.

“The Hispanic population is growing in Milwaukee, and we have an obligation to reflect that growth in the aldermanic districts. The trends are clear, and the district boundaries we set today will remain in place for ten more years,” Mayor Barrett said. “It is important to establish aldermanic districts that are fair now and fair over the next decade.”

A number of alternative district maps have been proposed by interested groups. The Mayor is offering to work with the Common Council to address the issues of concern.

In his veto message, the Mayor praised the work of Council members. Delays from other levels of government compressed the time available to draw new maps which complicated the Council’s work.

The full Common Council will consider the Mayor’s veto at its next meeting which is scheduled for December 14, 2021.


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