Charter School Review Committee

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Applicant Information

For information on the application process please contact Gayle Peay by email or phone (414-288-1540)
The City of Milwaukee is interested in high quality applicants who are up to the challenges of opening and operating a school that serve the needs of the children in our city.

Policies and Procedures

City of Milwaukee Charter School Review Committee Policies and Procedures Regarding Academic/Education Criteria for School Expansion by Umbrella Organizations

The following policy was adopted by the Charter School Review Committee on August 6, 2012, as a guideline to be used when determining if an umbrella organization is eligible to make an application to open an additional school.

  1. Umbrella organizations are allowed to make an application to open an additional school during the September cycle after its first school chartered by the City of Milwaukee has received its annual report in August; and
  2. All of the schools operated by an umbrella organization that are chartered by the City of Milwaukee have obtained a scorecard total of 70% or more during the previous school year.1

Charter School Application Timeline

▪Letter of Intent & Prospectus
 Due 1st Friday of November
 (submitted to City Clerk’s Office)
▪Formal Interview and Scoring Process
Letter of Intent in PDF Format Prospectus in PDF Format
 PHASE II - DECEMBER 2019     
▪New Applicant Capacity Interview
(if asked to submit full application)
▪Submit Full Application 
 Due 1st Friday in January   
▪Technical Review - ITL
Application in PDF format  
 PHASE II - FEBRUARY 2020     

▪Applicant Presentation to CSRC and   Recommendation for Approval or Denial
 of the Application

 PHASE III - MARCH - MAY 2020     
▪Financial Impact Statement Submitted
▪Review and Approval or Denial by
 Steering and Rules and then the
 Common Council
 (*City attorney prepares proposed contract.) 
▪Negotiation of final contract with
 City Attorney
▪Notice to DPI


City of Milwaukee Charter School Review Committee

Contact Us

Charter School Review Committee
Institute for the Transformation of Learning
Marquette University
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881

Gayle Peay

(414) 288-1540

Creating Authority

Section 118.40, Wis. Stats., s. 320-41 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances.

The City of Milwaukee's Charter School Review Committee is currently comprised of the following individuals:

  • Kevin Ingram, Chair
  • Joyce Mallory, Vice Chair
  • Aycha Sawa, Comptroller
  • Ruben Burgos
  • Naryan Leazer
  • Desiree Pointer Mace

Meeting Information

All information about meetings of the Charter School Review Committee are found at Milwaukee's Legistar site.

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