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Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Pets are a wonderful thing, but sometimes owners can be irresponsible and their pets can become a neighborhood nuisance. Citations and fines can be issued when owners are in violation of ordinances regarding animals. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a barking nuisance or other problem to no longer be evident when police and/or the Department of Neighborhood Services arrive on scene to investigate. In some instances a warning or citation can be issued if the complainant puts the complaint in writing, provides his or her name and address and is willing to testify in court.

  • Litter. No matter what you call animal litter—feces, droppings, poop, etc.—it must be cleaned up by the owner and/or person walking the animal. It must be removed immediately. For disposal, droppings should be wrapped and put into the owner's garbage cart. Citizens reporting litter incidents can report them to the Department of Neighborhood Services at 286-2268. If known, be sure to provide the address of the animal owner.

  • Leashing. Animals, when not confined on the owner's property or in a vehicle, must be on a leash not more than 6 feet in length. Animals are not allowed to run loose. Citizens can report at-large animals by calling the Department of Neighborhood Services at 286-2268. The complainant must supply their name and address and give the address of the owner and the time and date of the violation. Stray animals should be reported to the Milwaukee Domestic Animal Control at 649-8640.

  • Barking. It is illegal to keep animals that habitually disturb the peace. Barking complaints must be submitted in writing to the Department of Neighborhood Services, 4001 S. 6th St., Milwaukee, WI 53221. The complainant must provide their name and address and be willing to testify in court if the owner of the animal ignores an order to stop the noise.