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Illegal Dumping Reward Program Guidelines

If you witness the dumping, and provide information (i.e. video/photos) that leads to the issuance of a citation to the violator, you may be eligible for a reward.

  • Upon receipt of the information, City staff will investigate
  • The City may request that a citizen sign a form indicating their willingness to appear in Court, which allows for City staff to issue a citation

Factors in determining eligibility for a reward:

  • If the information provided directly led to a citation without further need for investigation
  • If the information provided included the name, physical description, or other information about the identity of the violator sufficient to lead the investigator to be able to issue a citation
  • If photographs or video or other evidence is provided to the investigator which led to the issuance of the citation
  • City staff will make a recommendation to the Office of the Commissioner of the Department of Neighborhood Services regarding the issuance of a reward including the amount based on the factors above

Limits on Issuance

  • Recipients must be over the age of 18. In the event the witness is a minor, the reward will be provided to the minor’s parents or legal guardian.
  • Only one reward will be paid out per person, per incident.
  • In the event that one or more persons provide identical information leading to the issuance of a citation, the reward will be evenly divided among those persons.

Persons Ineligible for Reward

  • Those persons, including members of their families, who are determined by City staff to have in any way committed, participated, encouraged, allowed or facilitated the illegal dumping to occur
  • Corporations and other persons other than natural persons
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • City of Milwaukee employees
  • Public agency personnel responsible for maintenance and monitoring of public property, public areas and public rights of way and their families
  • Security guards and similar personnel
  • Private personnel responsible for enforcement of regulations, monitoring and/or maintaining properties and other areas, including apartment managers, resident managers, maintenance staff and similar personnel


  1. What will happen after I make a report of illegal dumping?
    The City will review your information and an inspector from the Department of Neighborhood Services will contact you at the number provided (usually within a day or two). The inspector may make an appointment with you and ask that you fill out a witness statement. The inspector will then conduct an investigation based on the information you provide.
  2. What are the reward eligibility requirements?
    You must fully complete the witness report. Your information must lead to the successful issuance of a citation.
  3. May I remain anonymous?
    You may submit evidence and remain anonymous, but you will then be ineligible for a reward.
  4. When will I receive my reward?
    If the City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services determines your information leads to the successful prosecution of an illegal dumping case, the Office of the Commissioner will notify the Comptroller’s Office who will issue the reward. In most cases, it will be six to eight weeks before a violations case is successfully prosecuted and sent to the Comptroller for payment (though it could take longer).
  5. How much is the reward?
    Rewards are based on the significance of the illegal dumping incident, the accuracy and quality of the information provided and the amount of work needed to be conducted by the investigator to successfully bring the case to prosecution. Reward amounts of up to $1,000 are possible but, again, the circumstances of each case determine the final amount.

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