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Court Watch Program



The Court Watch Program was created to provide information to concerned citizens about crimes that occurred in their neighborhoods. Community members follow the progress of cases from their area and even attend hearings themselves. Through Community Impact Statements, residents' voices are heard, and the wide-ranging effects of  these crimes can be recognized by the justice system. 

For more information on District 7's Court Watch Program, please contact Assistant District Attorney, Joy Hammond. Online records for cases are available at wcca.wicourts.gov.

Current Cases

To stay up-to-date on new developments for Court Watch Program cases, please visit the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website and search for a specific case using the information in the below file. You can search by Case Number and County or by the individual's name. Once you've found the case you'd like to view, you can get its latest updates by clicking on the "Court Record Events" button.

 View Current Cases

Program Updates


Wendell Evans Case

Written by Steve O'Connell, Published in Sherman Park Today!

Read an article, detailing the combined efforts of the Milwaukee Police Department, the District Attorney's Office, and most importantly, District 7 residents to catch a suspect, who targeted elderly women, as they returned from the grocery store.

What is a Community Impact Statement?

A Community Impact Statement is presented at sentencing. It gives community members an opportunity to discuss the effects that a crime in their area has had on them. This statement is shared with the Judge, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Defendant and his/her Attorney. The questions on the form are a guide to help prepare a statement; you may file a written statement in your own format. 

Download the Community Impact Statement Form

Please remember that all defendants are innocent until proven guilty, and your statement will not be considered by the Court, unless the defendant pleads or is found guilty, and the case proceeds to sentencing. 

Community Impact Alerts

The Community Impact Offense Alert is a collaborative effort between the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office and Safe & Sound, a non-profit organization committed to reducing violent crime.

The alert is distributed on a bi-monthly basis to community stakeholders through a variety of means and provides specific information on charged drug and/or weapons offenses, including the case number, name, charges, offense address and the defendant's next court date. Block clubs, youth leadership groups, public officials, law enforcement and a host of other community stakeholders receive the alert.

This alert includes the Community Impact Statement form, so the courts are given a broader picture of the harm caused by drug and gun crimes.

Visit the Safe & Sound Website to Sign Up and Receive Community Impact Alerts via Email


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