City of Milwaukee
Deferred Compensation Plan

Board Members

Board membership is determined according to City Ordinance 320-17
Executive Finance Committee ("EFC") membership noted as well

BERNARD J ALLEN, Board Chair  
Employes' Retirement System-Director  
789 N. Water Street, Suite 300  
MAYOR CAVALIER JOHNSON  STEVEN L. MAHAN, Designee Board Member for Mayor Johnson
Mayor Community Development Grants Administration
Room 201, City Hall Room 606, City Hall
x2200 x3842
VACANT, Appointee Board Member by Mayor Johnson, 
Chair, Finance & Personnel Committee  
Room 205, City Hall  
SPENCER COGGS JIM KLAJBOR, Designee Board Member for Spencer Coggs, Board Vice Chair & EFC Chair
City Treasurer Deputy City Treasurer
Room 103, City Hall Room 103, City Hall
x2208 x2208

STUART MUKAMAL, Retiree Board Member


TEARMAN SPENCER ODALO OHIKU, Designee Board Member for Tearman Spencer, EFC Member 
City Attorney Deputy City Attorney
Room 716, Muni. Bldg. Room 716, Muni. Bldg.
x2601 X6192

RICHARD BARE, Designee Board Member for Aycha Sawa, EFC Member 

Comptroller Comptroller
Room 404, City Hall

Room 404, City Hall

x2301 x2304
HARPER DONAHUE RENEE JOOS, Designee Board Member for Harper Donahue
DER-Employee Relations Director DER-Employe Benefits Director

Room 706, City Hall

Room 706, City Hall
MOLLY CHRISTIANSON, Appointee Board Member by Mayor Johnson, EFC Member
Mayor's Office - Director of Policy Analysis   
Mayors Office , City Hall  
VACANT - Appointee Board Member for Council President


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