Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please take a moment to tell us about your experience with the permitting, plan review and inspections functions for the City of Milwaukee. Your responses will help as we continue working toward improving our development process.

1. Project type:

2. Did you receive your permits in a timely manner?

3. How long did it take to receive your permit? 

4. Were you treated with courtesy and respect? 

5. Did you receive clear and accurate information?

6. Was staff helpful in answering your questions? 

7. Did you feel welcome when you came to the Development Center? 

8. Did you have a preliminary review meeting with staff? 

9. What did you think of the plan review and permit process? Please explain:


10. How would you rate the Plan Review Process?
Poor   1   2     3     4    5  Exceptional

11. Did you receive your inspections in a timely manner? 

12. Were your project inspections thorough and accurate?  
       Please explain:

13. Were your project inspections consistent and fair? 
       Please explain:

14. Were our inspectors helpful and knowledgeable in answering your questions?  

15. Did our inspectors treat you with courtesy and respect? 

16. Did our inspectors provide clear and accurate information? 

17. Did you have any problems during the process? 
       Please explain:

18. How would you rate the Inspection Process?
Poor   1    2    3   4   5  Exceptional

19. What can we do to improve our Plan Review and Inspection Process?
Please explain:

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