Cart Care and Replacement Policies

Carts are City of Milwaukee property. The following suggestions will help the cart have a long service life:

Preparing the Cart

  1. Write the address on the cart to help keep track of it, especially in tight alleys.
  2. Bag garbage before placing in the garbage cart. This helps deter wildlife and prevents litter in the neighborhood.
  3. Recyclables must not be bagged. Deter wildlife by rinsing food and beverage debris from recyclables.

Cleaning the Cart

  1. To clean the cart, pour dish soap in the bottom and fill with several gallons of water. Swish around the water to remove the majority of debris. Dry in the sun.
  2. To deodorize a cart after cleaning, use a mild bleach-water solution in a spray bottle. Lightly spray the inside of the cart and let it air dry.

Treating a Damaged Cart

  1. If wildlife puts a small hole in the cart, fill a sock with moth balls, tie it to the cart's handle, and feed it into the cart to deter animals from coming back.
  2. If a cart repair or replacement is needed, City crews will leave a tag on your cart with instructions on how to request this service. To limit the public investment in new cart inventory, a cart that is still serviceable will not be replaced. Rodent hole damage does not qualify for replacement. If you were instructed to request a new cart, call 414-286-CITY (2489) or use the online service request form.

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