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Wild and Exotic Animals

Any person wanting to bring a wild cat, cow, horse, etc. into the city for a private party, special event, petting zoo, festival, etc. shall submit in writing to the Department of Neighborhood Services' Residential Section a letter providing the following information:

  • How will the animal(s) be brought into the City and who will bring them in?
  • Where is the animal(s) usually kept?
  • How long will the animal(s) be here?
  • How will the animal(s) be held?
  • How will they take the animal(s) back?
  • When is the animal to enter and leave the City limits?

They must guarantee the department that the animal(s) will have food, water and shelter. Animal(s) must be kept 100 feet from a food service area or where food is being prepared. Feces must be picked up routinely, kept in covered containers and disposed of properly. If the animal bites, the bite must be reported to Residential Section of DNS and also to the jurisdiction of where the animal resides. For more information call the Department of Neighborhood Services at (414) 286-2268.