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Winning Bidder Checklist (Sheriff Sales)

If you are a realtor handling a sale of a property that was foreclosed on, you should review these programs to determine what steps to take next. Here are some simplified steps to follow to make sure you've followed all of the various programs that might impact your transaction. The following is the proper sequence to follow after a property is assigned ownership to a bank or new owner emerging out of pre-foreclosure proceedings.

  1. Once the sheriff sale concludes and the winning entity is a bank or corporation, a Property Registration Application should be completed.
  2. Is the building going to remain empty? From the date of the sale and/or transfer, the clock begins with regards to qualifying for Vacant Building Registration (VBR) program. If the property is unsold, remains in the bank's name and remains vacant, they have 30 days from the transfer or conveyance before the requirements of VBR kick in. 
  3. On the 31st day from the date of sale, the bank should register the vacant building under the VBR program with DNS. No fee is paid at this time. After the application is received, an inspection date will be set to inspect the property for code violations. Following that inspection, the property will be monitored by DNS to see that it is still vacant. If it is sold, or a permit is taken out for restoration, or one of the other exemptions listed in the VBR ordinance apply, nothing more is required except the usual property maintenance. Otherwise the property must remain secured, insured and maintained to the standards of the VBR program.
  4. If after the inspection and the building remains vacant for six months, a $250 fee will be charged and another 6-month monitoring period will begin with the corresponding fees at the end of that 6-month period. This process will apply until the building is sold and the new owner takes control of the property.

Make your Buildings Talk to You!

An excellent way to monitor what is going on at your property or those around you is to use E-NOTIFY. This FREE service is as simple as signing up and getting emails from the City whenever something involving DNS or DPW affects the property you are watching. This is great for tracking code violations, complaints, crime reports and new programs being added to neighborhoods. You will be the first to know! 

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