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 Minimum Temperature Requirements for Commercial Buildings (Degrees F)

 Factories, office and mercantile buildings
Animal kennels NMR
Barber and beauty salons 67
Canning factories 60
Conference rooms 67
Court and jury rooms 67
Factories and machine shops 60
Flammable liquids storage NMR
Foundries and boiler shops 50
Funeral homes - Chapel 67
Embalming room 67
Offices 67
Places of worship, entertainment and recreation (which accommodates less than 100 persons) 67
Printing establishments 60
Retail establishments 67
Shopping mall corridor areas (except mercantile areas) NMR
Security vaults (occupied) 67
Warehouses NMR
Dark room 67
Smoking lounge 67
Dry cleaners 67
Theaters and places of assembly (which accommodate more than 100 persons)
Arenas and field houses (use seated area) 60
Armory drill floors 55
Assembly halls (other than church) 67
Bowling alleys 67
Cafeterias, dining areas, restaurants, billiard rooms 67
Places of worship
Chapels 67
Dining and social rooms 67
Nave or auditorium 67
Class rooms 67
 Dance halls 67
 Ice skating rinks (indoor) NMR
 Ice resurfacing (indoor) NMR
 Lodge halls, club rooms 67
 Roller skating rinks (indoor) 50
 Bars and cocktail lounges 67
 Tennis courts (indoor) 60
 Theaters (seated area) 67
 Lobbies 67
 Lounge rooms 67
 Motion picture booths 60
 Smoking lounge 67
 Game rooms 67
 Gambling casinos 67
 Health care facilities  (See ILHR 64.57)
Schools or other places of instruction
Administrative office space 67
Arts, crafts 67
Classrooms 67
Gymnasiums, field houses, auditoriums, theaters (fixed seats) 67
Locker and shower rooms 70
Gymnasiums, field houses, auditoriums, theaters (nonseated areas) 67
Home economics 67
(cooking) 67
Laboratories (science) 67
Lecture halls 67
Corridors with lockers 67
Library and resource centers 67
Reading rooms 67
Stack areas 67
Lunchrooms 67
Museums and art galleries 67
Music rooms (instrumental) 67
(vocal) 67
Special education 67
Study halls, common areas with non fixed seating 67
Toilet rooms 67
Vocational shops
With vehicle service and repair 60
Without vehicle service and repair 60
Wardrobes, coat rooms NMR
Detention facilities
Sleeping rooms 67
Residential occupancies
Living and sleeping areas 67
Day care facilities 67
Garages, service stations and automobile showrooms
Less than 6 vehicles 60
6 or more vehicles 60
New vehicles only 60
Garages: less than 6 vehicles NMR
Garages: 6 or more vehicles NMR
Repair areas 60
Vehicle service buildings 60
General sanitation and service areas
Chlorine storage rooms NMR
Janitor closets NMR
Locker rooms and shower rooms 70
Toilet rooms 67
Toilet rooms (with outdoor stadium) 50
Coat rooms (walk in) 60
Locker and changing rooms with toxic contamination 70
Changing rooms without toxic contamination 70
Laundries (commercial) 60
Natatoriums 76
Kitchens 60
Seasonal occupancies camps and lodges
Dining and recreational areas NMR
Living and sleeping are NMR
Club houses NMR
Drive-ins NMR
Kitchens NMR
Outdoor toilets NMR


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