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Animals at Large

Dogs/Cats Running at Large and Littering
All complaints regarding dogs and cats running at large and littering should be phoned in to (414) 286-2268. The exact address of the violating animal and the complainant's name, address and phone number will be needed. After the addresses have been verified by the clerk, a warning letter mailed to the animal owner's home. The complainant will then be mailed a follow-up letter and a petition for commencement of prosecution. If the problem persists after the complainant receives the petition, the complainant must document dates and time get it to DNS. He/she should try to get at least one person from another household bothered by the problem to sign the petition. Once DNS receives the petition a citation will be issued. A citation will not be issued unless the complainant is willing to appear in the City Attorney's office. 

If a stray animal is running loose at the present time, call MADACC at (414) 649-8640 or call your local Police District.

Lost Animal - Helpful Tips

  • Call MADACC as soon as possible to report your lost pet.  A report will be completed and kept on file.
  • Visit their facility within 24 hours of your pet's disappearance to view our kennels.
  • Check MADACC website home page daily and view strays that are in the shelter through the "Lost A Pet" link.  Photos are updated at 10AM daily.
  • It is your responsibility to visit their shelter on a regular basis, at the very minimum, once every six days as stray animals are held by law for seven days to be claimed by their owner.
  • Check with your neighborhood newspaper delivery person.
  • Check with neighborhood children.
  • Post a "Lost Animal Flyer" throughout the neighborhood.
  • File a report with your local Police Department.