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Photo of 250 E Wisconsin Ave

The 20-story building at 250 East Wisconsin Avenue came under the ownership of Fulcrum 250 E, LLC in 2015, after being neglected by previous owners for many years. Thanks to the combined vision and investment of Fulcrum and Millbrook, the building has undergone a complete revamp and rebrand, and reopened as Two-Fifty on April 27th, 2017.

Tenants at Two-Fifty will enjoy new modern spaces, extensive amenities, stellar views, and ideal location in the Central Business District.

Two-Fifty joined the Better Buildings Challenge pledge amidst the major undertaking of its renovation process. The building's General Manager, Mark Nicholson, knew that in order to be competitive with the market and meet the demands of their tenants, the building needed major upgrades and repositioning and saw the services provided by the program as one solution.

Photo of Mark Nicholson, General ManagerWe are environmentally focused and sustainability is a leasing requirement for a lot of tenants. By being aware of and fixing building inefficiencies, we can keep our carbon footprint down and simultaneously control operating expenses, which ultimately allows us to afford even more upgrades to the building.
Mark Nicholson, General Manager

Energy Performance

Two-Fifty has been under-occupied building since 2001, but despite low occupancy rates, the building experienced high energy use. Since the building is still under-occupied, energy use is expected to increase. However, even with the recent increase in occupancy, the building's energy usage has decreased with utility bills 30% less than budgeted in the first quarter of 2017.

Completed Projects

Lighting Project Icon Plug Loads and Controls Project Completed Icon Building Envelope Not Completed Icon HVAC Project Completed Icon Appliances and Equipment Project Completed Icon On Site Generation Not Completed Icon Water Project Not Completed Icon

Plug Loads
& Controls



& Equipment




  • LED lighting in parking structure, lobby, tenant lounge, indoor bike room, and new tenant spaces

Plug Loads & Controls

  • Building automation system upgrade


  • Mechanical system upgrade
  • Air handling units - currently in process and as needed

Appliances & Equipment

  • Elevators

Future Plans

Moving forward, Two-Fifty plans on participating in the Better Building Challenge program's benchmarking event in August to help keep an eye on the building's energy usage and to get questions answered. Now that the building is up-to-date and open for business, Two-Fifty looks forward to increasing occupancy and working with the Better Buildings Challenge to obtain an ENERGY STAR rating.

Fast Facts

250 E Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Year Built

Square Footage
200,000 sq ft

Building Type

Fulcrum 250 E, LLC


Joined Pledge

20% reduction in Energy Use Intensity by 2026


Program Participation

Knowledge Icon Energy Assessment Icon Projects/O&M Icon
Networking and Education Icon    


Project Types

Lighting Project Completed Icon Plug Loads and Controls Project Completed Icon HVAC Project Completed Icon
Appliances and Equipment Project Completed Icon    


Project Highlight: Building Automation System Upgrade

Lack of investment by previous owners resulted in outdated, inefficient building maintenance systems. By upgrading to newer, more efficient technology, Two-Fifty was able to significantly decrease the building's energy consumption, saving 30% on utility bills.


Building Contact

Danielle Schumacher
Tenant Services Coordinator, Millbrook Properties Management
[email protected]


Why Participate?

Motivated by marketing potential, environmental responsibility, and a long list of projects ahead, Two-Fifty took the pledge to receive a free energy assessment in order to extend their budget and proceed in the most efficient way possible.

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