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The average commercial building wastes 30% of the energy it consumes. PACE Financing offers low-cost, long-term financing for measures to conserve energy, reduce operating expenses, and increase property values. Eligible properties include commercial, multi-family (5+ units), non-profit, agriculture, warehousing, hospitals, industrial, manufacturing, and hospitality. Use financing for energy and water efficiency, renewable energy and energy reliability, stormwater controls, and other resiliency measures.

Sustainable building

Program Steps

Follow these steps to initiate, develop, and close PACE financing for your project:

  1. Confirm Eligiblity: Go to the Project Center to submit a pre-application.
  2. Develop a Project: Work with a participating PACE Contractor to obtain an energy assessment and define a scope of work for the project.
  3. Secure Financing: Request financing quotes from participating PACE Lenders and secure written consent from your mortgage lender(s). 
  4. PACE Approval: Submit a final application and required documentation.
  5. Close Financing: Enter into a financing agreement with your PACE Lender.
  6. Install Project: Complete construction of financed measures.

Get Started with PACE

Take advantage of PACE Financing to make your building more sustainable.

View 2023 Program Manual

Looking for detailed answers to your questions? Find them in the program manual. Recent updates to the PACE program include the addition of renewable energy, electric vehicle infrastructure, energy reliability, stormwater controls and other resiliency upgrades as eligible for financing. 

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Explore Financed Projects

Curious what projects have already been financed? Explore examples of different sizes and scopes. Scroll through the gallery of participating Milwaukee buildings for details on financed improvements like HVAC, building shell, LED lighting, water conservation, windows, wall insulation, and more!

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View Eligible Improvements

Unsure what types of improvements are eligible for PACE Financing? Find examples for your building. For City of Milwaukee property owners, eligible improvements range from green roofs, cisterns, and permeable surfacing to solar PV, geothermal energy, and battery storage.

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